The addiction

I have an addiction. I also know that I am not alone. My guess is that just about everybody suffers from this condition, yet only a few give it any objective attention at all.

I am addicted to thinking.

It is a serious condition – I do it all the time. When I try not to think, I
think. While I am thinking about something, I catch myself thinking about other things. When I am totally caught up in doing something, I find myself thinking about other things. Even when I’m sleeping, I oftentimes find myself thinking.

I became aware of this “condition” a long time ago. It was (and still is) simply natural to think all the time. At a certain point I started to put together information about this “condition” from a range of disciplines like philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, physical science, mathematics, history, anthropology, phenomenology, theology, physiology, kinesiology, applied psychology, neuro linguistic programming, neuro semantics, etc.

Retrospectively thinking, I now realize that I was consciously using my addiction to get more information on it all the time. One could say that I have applied my addiction to find out more about my “condition”, just taking it for granted that I could think, and that I could utilize the thinking process and direct it into any direction. But then, somehow, it dawned onto me that my addiction is actually a very powerful force and that I did not really have control over it. That was when I started to give my addiction more focused and objective attention. Only to find that I actually could not control my thinking. My thoughts seemed to have a mind of their own, going places without any provocation at all. Running around in circles, yet never coming back to where I wanted them to be. Only to jump into another direction without any cause….. That was when I realized that I must accept this addiction for what it is, and to stop trying to control it. Instead, I started to play with my thoughts.

This led me down a path that I understood, and then I realized that I was working on a way to manage my thoughts. I started to focus even more to think about thinking and how to manage the process. I very soon discovered a can of worms that took me everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Looking back, that was a period of confusion and growth through a learning curve I am very grateful for. But the effort was worthwhile : it culminated into a number of seminars, workshops and eventually this book. The title of the book is the **WYTIWYG** Theory. It is a theory about the power of thought and thinking, a theory that we possess the ability to manage our thoughts and thereby possess the power to do magic and create miracles. Because What You Think Is What You Get. Of course this book is an adventure of discovery – not totally unique, yet similar to no other. This addiction to thinking is permanent, and the power it unlocks is unlimited. Both constructively and destructively alike. The focus is on the constructive energy and power of thinking and how to understand it, how to work with it, and how to do miracles and magic with it for yourself and your world.


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I have been thinking about this subject for decades now. I have presented workshops and seminars on the subject (quite a lot).

The thought "What if our lives were the result of our thinking?" has been the driving energy behind my endeavors and research and eventually resulted in the WYTIWYG Theory (What You Think Is What You Get).

This book is my humble contribution towards enabling people to start to manage their thoughts and harness the energy that lies within them. Thereby creating magic and miracles that will lead them to a better understanding of their own power to create whatever life they desire.

There is great power there.....