The WYTIWYG Theory

It is a theory that we, as human beings, have the capability of thinking. Nothing new or out of the ordinary there ;-)

Yet, when we begin to think about thoughts and thinking, a whole new universe of possibilities opens up. Just think about a single idea about building a beautiful building sparks and attracts similar ideas. Ideas then turn into actions of drawing, designing, budget sheets, planning, contracts, legalities, construction and eventually the end product : a beautiful building. Not always exactly like the one that the original thought was – nevertheless a concrete manifestation of the original thought.

Basically this is what the WYTIWYG Theory is about.

What you think is what you get?

Actually, that is only the beginning. Because when you join this adventure of discovery, WYTIWYG opens up the reality of magic and miracles to you. Not only to become aware of them, but to the realization that you actually have the ability to perform magic and to do miracles. With that realization, you actually become aware of how many times you have already done exactly that : perform miracles en magic without even knowing or realizing it.

The WYTIWYG Theory is an adventure. An adventure of discovering the real power within and the effect it has on yourself, those around you and the world you live in.

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I have been thinking about this subject for decades now. I have presented workshops and seminars on the subject (quite a lot).

The thought "What if our lives were the result of our thinking?" has been the driving energy behind my endeavors and research and eventually resulted in the WYTIWYG Theory (What You Think Is What You Get).

This book is my humble contribution towards enabling people to start to manage their thoughts and harness the energy that lies within them. Thereby creating magic and miracles that will lead them to a better understanding of their own power to create whatever life they desire.

There is great power there.....